30 days and counting to Hard in Help, the next stop of HEBS!

In its third edition the Hard in Help will have a new format, which we can say is new too in the national Hard Enduro modality. Following the molds of the renowned events Redbull Romaniacs and Redbull Minas Riders the trackmanagers decided to increase the dose of adventure.

Hard in Help 2018

This year, Hard in Help , the second Grand Slam of HEBS, brings again a 02-day inline race, starting on Saturday -may 4, in the city of Socorro-SP and arriving in the neighboring Monte Alegre do Sul-SP, cradle traditional regional offroad and with enormous potential for Hard Enduro! On  Sunday,  after an overnight stay in Monte Alegre do Sul, riders leave early to return to the city of Socorro, where they will be welcomed by the support teams, family and public in a fantastic epilogue.

Hard in Help 2018

As the adventure increases, the logistics will also … There will be approximately 120 km of trails of all kinds with Servicepoint and Tankpoint on both days. The start of the two days will be in the Le Mans style which will make the adrenaline rush up early in the already known “Cascalheiro” in Socorro and the Hard Enduro track of the “Povia Moto Track” in Monte Alegre do Sul. Hard in Help will have 4 categories : GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE / DOUBLE.

Gold and Silver receive a more demanding route and Bronze category a path with beginner/intermediate tracks, but not without the challenges of Hard Enduro. For those who wish to know the modality and at the same time share the adventure with a friend, the Doubles category will follow the same route as the Bronze line and will be a great option.

The organizers promise two days of many trails and a lot of sweat in the mountains of the region!

“The expectation for Hard in Help is that the riders will do a lot of trails this year. The estimate we have is 65 km on the first day and approximately 50km on the  second. Rigor is the favorite to win in the elite because he is training in this type of race more similar to Romaniacs. Who has enough physical resistance will be in a good position for competition … You can not spend all your energy on the first day … ”

Benê Coser, Gold rider and Hard in Help Track Manager. Currently number 6 in The X Rider general Rank.

For some of the top riders, this year’s Hard In Help will appeal to riders of inline tracks:

“Hard in Help was the most surprising stage last year, a very technical test, very heavy. two days: It will be a day going, another day coming back.I do not know if in the same tracks. Mr. Zuccon and Mr. Benê (Hard in Help trackmanagers) are experts in the concept of the Hard Enduro. The stage will ask for more resistance for the Gold riders. It was a great evolution of two years to come, something that is accompanying the evolution of the modality. just observe Rigor Rico, which is already with an international level rider. in my opinion Rigor will participate with merit in the Romaniacs …. ”

Tobata, a Gold rider and the number 3 in The X Rider Rank.

“My expectation is the best possible, even more that the stage will be in line and extensive. This year I want to put pressure on my brother Rigor.He is alone in the front, but let’s get him. Hard in Help  has a very high technical level. It has everything to be one of the best stages of the year. We are going in search of suffering, “God willing”, it will be a good suffering! ”

Ripi Galileu, Gold rider and currently number 5 in The X Rider Rank.


“We are looking forward to the next chapter of HEBS  in Socorro, if it’s like Baron de Cocais’s, or rather, the Bronze is in the right place, but it’s not for anyone … you have to go and see what it looks like. We’ll see if in Socorro we’ll finish in the top 10. I expect everyone there to have a great party in Socorro. It’s a great party, but for those who like to ride a motorcycle.

Poy, Bronze rider and currently ranked 47th inThe X Rider Rank


“The expectation is the best possible. Expectation to finish the race after a bruise return. After almost 6 months away from the races, I hope to come back in style. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Zuccon responsible for the first aid in the accident that took me from the tests during these last months. One of the people responsible for my return. No more. Thanks The X Rider and HEBS staff  by organizing the event that is among the best in Brazil. ”

Marcelo Bom Bom, Bronze rider and currently ranked 25th in The X Rider Rank.

“Last year we had a very diverse race, had quarry, roots, waterfalls, which certainly raised the level of the championship. This year I believe it will not be any different. Socorro is a city privileged with trails of all levels of piloting. Monte Alegre do Sul is not very different and knowing that this year the stage will connect these two municipalities, you can be sure that the race will be HARD!”

Silas de Faria, Bronze rider and currently in 188 position in the ranking The X Rider Rank.


About the cities of Socorro and Monte Alegre do Sul:

Socorro (SP)

Gruta do Anjo – one of the postcards of Socorro (SP)

Socorro: Located 130km from São Paulo and 100km from Campinas, the tourist resort of Socorro has beautiful landscapes, tranquility and a pleasant climate for tourists. In the cuisine there is a great influence of the colony of Italians and the proximity with Minas Gerais. And for those looking for adventures beyond the HardEnuro, there are several fun-filled options and can cool any adventurous tourist’s belly.


Places to visit:

1. Morro do Cristo – It’s a good place to make the first stop. In addition to being able to sit and rest for almost two hours, the monument of Christ, which is 913 meters above sea level, allows a beautiful view of the landscape of fields and hills. The oratory, located under the feet of the statue, was built by a resident of the city for almost 50 years and still receives candles and prayers. The free tour also has an information center that offers visitors bathrooms, water and coffee, as well as tips on the attractions of the city.

2. Monjolinho Ecological Park – 40,000 meters of green area, with a privileged view of Rio do Fish. The trail of about 30 minutes has as landscape several orchids and natural bromeliads. The mascot of the park, a little dog, accompanies those who venture along the way. Through the section are several humorous signs and motion sensors make play music when the visitor goes through sculptures of characters such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The ticket that gives access to the park costs 10 reais and is valid for three days (free for children up to 9 years old). Extra activities, such as tree climbing (52 reais), Tyrolean (25 reais), abseiling (42 reais) and trail of the vine (30 reais), are charged separately. The place works from 9am to 6pm from Wednesday to Sunday; on vacation, open every day. The activities are included for those who stay at Mata que Canta, which is next door. Daily from 250 reais the couple on weekends. Address: Estrada Socorro / Munhoz, kilometer 6, Rio do Peixe Tourist Corridor | Telephonic: (19) 3895 -7346. | www.parquedomonjolinho.com.br.

3.Gruta do Anjo – One of the most beautiful destinations in the city, the cave is the result of expeditions of extraction of various ores. When it was deactivated, infiltrations created a natural pool that gets to be four feet deep in some stretches, and has become a carp pond that can be seen on the pedal boat ride. It operates from Tuesday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 9am to 5pm and on vacation, open every day. The inn next to the grotto offers chalets (220 reais a day for the couple) and a house with capacity for up to twelve people (700 reais a day). Address: Bairro do Rancho Alegre, Rio do Peixe Tourist Corridor, km 1,5 | Phone: (19) 3895-1357 | www.pousadagrutadoanjo.com.br.

4. Parque dos Sonhos – There are trails, six waterfalls, adventure activities in an environment that also mixes hammocks and hammocks to relax. The Hotel Fazenda Parque dos Sonhos has approximately 60 000 square meters of area. Among its attractions are a zipline with one kilometer extension (60 reais per person), 140 meters far from the ground and a curiosity: it goes from São Paulo to Minas Gerais. For the less courageous, there is a more “light” version, 200 meters long (30 reais per person). The place also offers a buffet served on a wood stove at 35 reais per person. To enjoy a day in the park, with an included meal, adults pay 180 reais for day use; for children from 5 to 12 years, the price is 120 reais. It works every day, from 8am to 6pm. The place also offers weekend packages. Address: Estrada da Varginha, kilometer 7, Limoeiro | Phone: (19) 3895-3161 |www.parquedossonhos.com.br.

5- Pedra da Bela Vista – Stage for several requests for courtship and marriage, the tourist spot is the highest in the city of Socorro, with ticket for 10 reais (free for children up to 7 years old). Pedra da Bela Vista also counts the highest rappel in the city, 98 meters high (85 reais per person). To await the sunset, a bar and restaurant offers a variety of food, including pizza and palo de palo (10 reais), a traditional Peruvian recipe consisting of a fire-baked bread filled with dulce de leche, cottage cheese or guava, among other alternatives. The place can be visited from Thursday to Sunday from 10am until sunset. Five little teas are available for those who want to spend the night, with daily rates starting from 150 reais the couple, with breakfast. Address: Capitão Barduíno Highway, access by the Santa Rosa Neighborhood or the Rio do Peixe Tourist Corridor | Phone: (19) 9 9175-7600 | www.pedrabelavista.com.br



6. Rafting in Rio do Peixe – Here is an attraction for those who do not need the adrenaline. There are up to seven kilometers of rapids in the Rio do Peixe, in a walk that lasts approximately two hours. For the less courageous, there is the shorter, four-kilometer option. It is important to call and schedule the tour before the visit. Among the agencies that promote this type of program is ProximAventura, which charges 110 reais for approximately three hours of activity, including instruction. The shortest rafting trip costs 90 reais. The agency Rios de Aventura carries out the tour inside the Monjolinho Park and charges 95 reais for the seven kilometers and 79 reais route for the four-kilometer ride. NextAventura: Information, (19) 99906-7544 | www.proximaventura.com.br. Adventure Rivers: Information, 9 9935-7179 | www.riosdeaventura.com.br.


Monte Alegre do Sul (SP)

To relax and cool your head, nothing better than a trip close to home that makes us recover the energies. In São Paulo, there are places that guarantee the best and most beautiful tourist attractions and also, well-being. Located 130 kilometers from São Paulo, Monte Alegre do Sul is one of the blessed places that offers all kinds of leisure, entertainment and a great wine tasting. In the municipality, it is possible to take a quiet bike or hike, contemplating the beauty of its flowering valleys that offers mountainous climates. Monte Alegre do Sul is considered one of the municipalities of Estoril Hidromineral, surrounded by nature.

The municipality reveals traces of Italian immigration and also receives the cultivation of strawberries and grapes, which are served to make grappa (alcoholic beverage of Italian origin), cachaças and vinos.Em your trip to Monte Alegre do Sul, it is possible to discover the existence of rivers, streams and waterfalls. The waterfall of Falcão with drop of approximately 10 meters and the Waterfall of Mostardas with a drop of 5 meters. Enjoy a swim in one of these waters and relax on the noise of the waterfalls. Besides, there are also ecological trails in the midst of forest. The infrastructure of Monte Alegre do Sul is good, with inns and farm hotels.

The town has several restaurants that offer homemade food with spices reminiscent of grandma’s food. In August, the traditional Strawberry Festival is held, attracting thousands of tourists who will be delighted with sweets, pies and cakes. Extreme sportsMoutain bike fans have chosen the city as the paradise for practicing this sport. There are circuits for all tastes. It is possible to venture by simple circuits along dirt roads, passing through some waterfalls. Those looking for more adrenaline can opt for trails that cut pastures and mountains. Many of them, go through private properties and need to be done with the guidance of a guide.


Radical sports

Moutain bike fans have chosen the city as the paradise for this sport. There are circuits for all tastes. It is possible to venture by simple circuits along dirt roads, passing through some waterfalls. Those looking for more adrenaline can opt for trails that cut pastures and mountains. Many of them, go through private properties and need to be done with the guidance of a guide.

For those who want more excitement, the tip is to take advantage of the watercourse of the Camanducaia River and its tributaries and to practice other sports like rafting, buoy cross and abseiling.

Cachoeira das Andorinhas

Formed by 30 springs, it is located in the property of a traditional family of the region – that charges a visitation rate. It has small lakes that provide leisure and relaxation for visitors of all ages. The tourist can also visit the waterfalls of Mostardas, Falcão and Três Marias.

Fonte do Bom Jesus

Get to know Monte Alegre do Sul tourist spots and lodging recommendations!

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